Hello and welcome to this website for Horsehaven Stables – the only horse barn that regularly fox hunts on a regular basis in all of northern Ohio!

We are a horse barn which is located on 34 privately owned acres just North East of Medina Ohio, in Hinckley. Our location is between I71, I77 and just north of I271 which helps provide an easy and convenient access to all of the Cleveland and Akron metro areas.

We are not a competitive show barn, so you may not hear much about us from other barns in the area, which is fine by us. We prefer to spend our time and energy with our primary passion of fox hunting. During the off season, you will find our students doing trail rides, hunter paces and cross country schooling through out North Eastern Ohio.

*As of December 2022 we are accepting new students*

Our primary goal is to provide horse sales.  But we also can provide unique, individually tailored, one hour long private horse riding lessons to our lesson students. We specialize in teaching beginners of all ages, but teach everything through to advanced jumping and horse ownership.

To our enrolled lesson students we can also offer:

On an occasional basis, we can also offer in-house horse training and/or breaking to people who are not current lesson students.  This does depend on our lesson schedule and stall availability however.  So please do inquire and we’ll promptly let you know if we can help you.

We very much look forward to hearing from and helping you achieve your equestrian goals!