We are the only horse barn in the entire northern half of Ohio that fox hunts on a regular and consistent basis!

Many of our more experienced riders here at Horsehaven Stables enjoy the sport of fox hunting, or fox chasing to be more exact.  We are conveniently located half way between and hunt with both the Rocky Fork Headley Hunt of Columbus, OH and the Sewickley Hunt of Pittsburgh PA, from mid July until the start of Lake Effect snow, typically mid December.

Although some consider it part of the fun, it is most definitely not required that you and your horse need to be able to jump to fox hunt.  All fox hunts in the US offer a ‘first field’ where the riders try to stay as close to the huntsman as they can so that they can watch the hounds at work.  The largest group of riders at most fox hunts tend to be in the ‘second field’, this is where everyone is very comfortable at all paces (walk, trot and canter), but do not wish to jump.  Rather than jumping the coop/fence, they will go through the gate next to it or take the longer way around if one is not available at that location.  It has been known that many a second flight rider has seen the hounds well before any huntsman or first flight rider has seen or caught up with them!  Lastly, on special days or at some of the larger hunts there may be a ‘third field’ where all the riders just walk and occasionally trot.  This can be a very relaxing and non demanding way to enjoy the hunt with some good friends!